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Heal and address unsafety, stress, anxiety, stagnancy and overwhelm at the root?

Shake the conditioning that binds you to the external and connect to your deep inner knowing through deep listening and somatic practices?

Cultivate deep self-acceptance and unshakeable inner confidence in what you have to share with the world?

Develop a nourishing and self-honoring spiritual practice and relationship to your energy?

Release and integrate the emotions that seemingly hold you back so that you can fully experience life's peace, joy, and bliss?

Experience a deeper sense of connection and presence in your day-to-day life?


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I signed up for this six-week meditation series at a time where I was going through it and knew something needed to change. This was something I had been looking into. So I thought I'm just gonna go for it even if I'm like not fully ready. I was a little hesitant at first because I read a little bit of the description. I didn't expect it to go so deep, but I'm glad that it did because it provided a truly safe yet encouraging space and you can feel Steven genuinely cares and actually wants us to progress in our healing. Steven's love and acceptance really meant a lot.

In this container, I was able to name and be honest with the pain I was in. And being able to express that in a safe space allowed me to release more than I thought I had been releasing on my own. In the past I used to allow myself to be more vulnerable until a breakup had caused me to retreat, so to be able to re-tap into that vulnerability allowed me to remember that there are actually safe spaces to allow myself to come forward.

The biggest takeaway for me is the acknowledgement that healing does come from within and the importance of checking in with the body and the emotions. Overall Steven did a really good job at reiterating that there was nothing wrong with what was happening for us; that they were signals. And the more that he brought that unconditional love, the easier it was to surpass the challenges. He handled our vulnerability and that space with care which lifted so much for me.

- Allison Ho

Reconnection to our soul self starts with acceptance and a vulnerable heart... x

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When I first started on my path, I started to become aware of many habits, tendencies, tensions, anxieties, and beliefs I had and through this awareness, I committed to healing and changing. Not only through cultivating a healing and spiritual practice did I begin to change my habits though; it also allowed me to establish faith in myself and the greater Universe. And during a few healing experiences in particular of connecting with the Divine, there became a strong inclination to want to ground these mystical and deeply healing experiences not only for myself, but also for those who are ready to bridge the connection to themselves and experience the medicine of coming home.

So if you are ready to grant yourself the space and the grace to slow down, tune into your feelings, reconnect to your physical body, and cultivate your magnetic energy - this is your call to do it!

Healing is contagious in the best way. It means no longer choosing to participate in systems you aren't meant to fit in. It means valuing yourself and becoming your biggest supporter and opening your life to infinite possibilities. If you feel like your life is destined for more, stay with me.

Sometimes our wounds and distorted beliefs can make us feel like we are lost, unworthy, and broken. The process we take together is one of guiding you inside yourself to find the deep wisdom which already exists inside.

Because when we heal, we can effectively live from a place of empowerment, love, and embodied creativity. When we heal, we start to feel clear on our path. We call forth the resources, abundance, and support we need. When we heal, life flows through and with us. And trust me, you deserve this at the bear minimum!

How blessed we are to be able to drop our conditioning and do this sacred and potent work of coming home to ourselves?

If you are ready to reconnect back to your heart and the playful, innocent light within, let's connect.

I'm so grateful for you and that you're here,


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"This is your true sovereignty: to know your connection to Source cannot be severed."

Jessica Alix Hesser

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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a metaphysical library of every energy that has ever existed. One of the most potent things contained within the Akash is the history and wisdom of our souls.

The higher guidance that comes from the records is always intended to bring you back to you, and will often times lovingly guide us into understanding the heart of our current experience, situations, and struggles. What comes through during a reading is often time non-linear and non-prescriptive, but it will elicit the energies and bring forth information for you to feel your way back home and to listen to yourself.

To open one's records is deeply sacred and time and time again, I am blown away by what comes through even when I open my own records.

When you book an Akashic Record reading, you have the opportunity to ask any question you would like to ask your records. All readings are type channeled and will be received virtually on the day you intend to book.

Sound Healing

A practice whose roots anchor directly to all native cultures around the world, sound healing is a profound modality that not only facilitates relaxation, but also assists in releasing negative patterns within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

While the practice is ancient, there is a science behind working with sound and vibration. Through particular sounds, we have the ability to manipulate our own brainwave state. Many of us are often in a more mental beta brainwave state; however, during a sound healing session, we work to bring you into either an alpha (relaxed) or theta (creative, meditative) state which are able to not only reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and tension, but they also give us a direct portal into feeling aligned in our body, mind, and Spirit!

The science goes well beyond this. And considering the intuitive nature of the work, our sessions together will always be specific to you and your needs.


Meditation Coaching

With meditation coaching, we are not just learning how to meditate! During a given session, we are also using meditation as a tool to both recalibrate our energy and to explore what's arising in our present time experience.

Contrary to what many of us have come to believe, meditation is meant to be a nourishing practice! And when we cultivate a meditation practice that harmonizes with our being, we more easily gain access to not just experiences of peace, but we are also able to witness and release subconscious blocks, receive new energy, and gain a bigger perspective of our lives. Think of meditation coaching as a sort of talk therapy that addresses the core of whatever issue may be arising.

Whether you're  making a life decision or change, wanting to figure out the next steps ahead, or desiring to process your emotional world, meditation coaching is a safe space for you to do just this.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing modality that pulls its origins from Japan. During a reiki session, you are given permission to lie down and completely relax while you receive a steady, warm flow of hands-on healing energy directed to you for your highest good.

Reiki is a great way to move stuck energy out of the mental, emotional, energetic and auric field while also brining balance to the chakra (energetic) system. After a reiki session, you can expect to feel revitalized and clear on the next steps ahead.

Sessions always start with a short check in to consider where you are and what are experiencing. From there on out, it's time to open up to a new well of energy! Also, let it be known - but reiki also pairs well with any of the other modalities I offer.

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