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Akashic Record Reading

An opportunity to get clarity + wisdom directly from your soul self.

  • 1 hour
  • From 55 US dollars
  • Receive your Akashic Records via email

Service Description

Akashic Record Reading Options: "Pour Through" Akashic Record Reading - $55 2 Question Akashic Record Reading - $77 3 Question Akashic Record Reading - $99 The Akashic Records is a metaphysical library of every energy that has ever existed. One of the most potent things contained within the Akash is the history and wisdom of our souls. To open one's records is deeply sacred and time and time again, I am blown away by what comes through even when I open my own records. While the Akashic Records have the power to “soothe your soul” and usher you into experiential presence, they are not linear and do not provide a step-by-step method to living your life. Your records will give you the guidance you need around the questions you ask and more importantly, the guidance around turning inwards and listening to yourself. Readings are not live but will rather be sent via email for the day that you reserve your slot. Considering this, it truly helps by choosing a day where you are able to create more space and quiet for yourself to sit with and be with your messages. If you are opting for the question option, please let me know if you are having any challenges determining what you would like to ask. Please bear in mind that the Akash is only able to provide answers about your soul. How, what, why questions make for the best questions. These allow for the most in depth responses to come through, and provide more opportunities to receive action steps you can utilize in your life. You can ask about anything. Such as your work life, health, relationships, money, growth, spirituality and so much more. Here are some sample questions for your Akashic Records: What do I need to know about [insert area of life]? What can I do to allow myself to open myself up to more [insert thing, e.g., abundance] Why do I resist [insert trigger or thing]? What purpose does my [insert thing, e.g., back pain] serve and how can I heal it? How many lives have I had? Describe a past life for me. What does my struggle with [insert issue, e.g., confidence] mean? What do I need to release in order to be more in alignment with [insert desire]? What is my purpose in this lifetime? How do I unearth my passions? Also please note that you will receive your reading on the day that you book, NOT necessarily at the time you reserve your reading. Blessings and thank you x

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Oceanside Healing, Palmetto Avenue, Pacifica, CA, USA

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