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Some Things I've Learned Teaching Meditation to Seniors

In around July of 2021, I started teaching a meditation class at my local senior center.

It was a decision that I jumped onto initially; however, building up to my first session there, there was a part of me that wondered if some of the things I had to share were too "woo woo" or out there for them to either grasp or be interested in.

The reaction I received was quite the opposite. Many of the individuals who would come to my class were quite open about meditation and connecting to their energy. After class, they would even spread the word about our sessions to other seniors that attend the center because they were receiving life-giving benefits from both the practice and being in community.

I've had one attendee who, after a longstanding affair with a condition that causes her face to twitch, found that coming to meditation and participating would cause her face to relax and cease from twitching.

One of the most notable reasons why many people get into meditation is because it helps relieve stress - on not just a physical level, but also a mental and emotional one. When we consciously take time in meditation, we cultivate the skill of relaxation before anything else. And the more we do this - our body remembers, and can more easily drop into these states which, allow for more blood circulation, more calm, and access our parasympathetic response (that rest and digest response which allows our body to HEAL)

Another woman who has been attending since the beginning recently shared about a personal diagnosis of bladder cancer. When she shared with our group, she was scheduled for a surgical removal of the cancer. To share what was coming up for her and to ask for prayers was a leap of faith. Upon sharing she asked if after session that day we could send prayers her way.

I stopped her and acknowledged what she shared and said, "Why don't we just take a moment to pray now?" And so we did! And this attendee a couple days later after having had her surgery reached out to me over email and told me not only was she able to feel the energy continued to be sent to h