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Navigating Your Inner Winter, What It Means and How to Move Through It With Ease

Often times when we think of winter we think of the colder months. Where you live it may snow or simply get chillier, certain animals prepare to go into hibernation, trees and plant life start to go bare and seemingly rest.

That is what we may see and experience of winter externally.

When we may be entering winter phase of our lives, we are often times invited to slow down, to relax, and to rest more. Our bodies tend to slow down with the outer world because we’re not separate from the Earth. But the truth is, you can experience your personal winter season at any moment in your life. For instance, it’s normally when the body falls sick or ill that we’re invited against our will into a personal winter season. In other words, a time where the body has the opportunity to recalibrate to health.

I know for myself personally that when I fall sick, I’m often amazed by the insights that I walk away with if I allow myself to sink into the rest and nurturing that I need during that time.

And then there's our conditioning, which plays a huge role in whether we experience resistance around our inner seasons. Particularly in Western culture, we are pushed to max out our productivity levels and to generally do more so we can earn more.

Many of us were also probably modeled by our parents that we need to work hard in order to make a life for ourselves, but even this is a belief. Many people and their 9 - 5 jobs or very structured ones at that don't offer space for people to honor the needs of their bodies, which also normalizes prioritizing work and ideals of success over the needs of the individual and in turn leads to people experiencing symptoms or expressions of burnout, depression, and even anxiety due to neglect of self and of the body.

Excessive doing as a result of a hyper-masculine culture carries a very specific frequency that, when we get habituated to constantly being in a &qu